1. While i can certainly appreciate what the Eropon line was, the poor final product quality kept me from buying any. I really dug series 3, but there was just too much repaint work that was gonna be necessary.Can’t say I’m a fan of series 4, little too loli-bent for my tastes. Still, it’s always sad to see a company doing something a little “out there” go under.I’m gonna be a sad panda should Giga Pulse ever go down.

    2. Much of what drives political passions in the U.S. are different kinds of white women trying to put each other down.Much of what is dysfunctional about the American political process could be fixed by repealing the 19th ammendment.Just sayin'

  1. Instämmer med ovanstående ;-) Du är absolut värd ledighet och bloggpaus! Men hoppas du kommer tillbaka snart.

  2. Oj vilket långt uppehåll! Är det bloggen du försörjer dig på, eller om du har något annat arbete också? .

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    1. Dude! What are you doing NOT covering your head?!! It’s the part of the body you lose the most heat from. Cover it and you’ll instantly feel warmer, I swear!

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